Ana!og puNk – 3 of 12


cataloguing the writing and production of my first CD, Ana!og puNk, due for release at the end of May 2015

week 4 of the writing process . start of the week saw me hitting a brick wall as the creative juices ran dry . noodled around with various synths but was going nowhere . then an (un)happy little accident occurred when unplugging some patch cords; the resulting noise from the modular produced massive ear-splitting feedback . didn’t think too much of this at first but when i played back the live recordings i found this horribly abrasive sound . and then i found my way again (once I’d had my ears bandaged!)

so i spent the next couple of nights recording dirty feedback, amp hum, tape hiss etc. unmusical sounds that should sit well in an unmusical song! well…maybe not sit well, but stand uncomfortably in the corner . i’m probably not selling this well, but i liked it so what the heck. i now have a couple of hours worth of sounds / noises to sift through . i would have previously deleted noise like this and deemed it unsuitable, or unmusical, but thats because i like melody and syncopated beats and i meticulously mix my sound palette . this could potentially sound like a jackson pollock painting 🙂

i can often spend entire nights programming patches for the synths that have patch memory . its not uncommon for me to spend an hour or two programming just one patch . so its been a revelation to me to produce noise thats almost instantly useable (on this album at least)

recorded vocal tracks for 2 songs so far [on a crappy £1 playstation mic no less – all adds to the DIY vibe]

of the recordings to date my favourite has been Disturbed . i never set out to sound like another artist, but this one track reminds me of the DAF album, Die Kleinen Und Die Bosen, more in the essence of their music rather than any particular track . other songs [or more specifically, sounds] have reminded me of very early spk [pre-machine age voodoo], einsturzende neubauten and throbbing gristle; harsh, discordant ugly noises that somehow become music.

no new songs were completed this week, so i’ve hopefully not fallen too far behind my self-imposted schedule.


totally separate from the Ana!og puNk recordings i have had an extremely busy week;

– the second episode of The Microchip Junky Hour is due out on mixcloud very shortly [hopefully within a fortnight] – the first show is available here which was a non-stop mix of some banging choons – episode 2 is an entirely different affair, focusing almost the entire show on Meter Bridge, and featuring tracks from their new album, Slow Motion . Richard and Jill very kindly picked out some music and have recorded their thoughts on each track – we have also been working together on a collaborative piece of music [sounding very different from the analog punk recordings] – you can find Meter Bridge here

– i was asked by Craig Manga [] earlier this week if i was interested in working with him . he sent me lyrics to 2 very different songs . needless to say i jumped at the chance of working with him, and the tracks are progressing slowly but surely . watch this space

– i was recently blown away by a track by Corbin Roof at bandcamp . the track is called Way Of The Gun [] – Corbin has kindly allowed me to remix this awesome track . we are also working together on an original collaborative piece

– i was asked by Derek Williams to contribute posts at the website – so head there for more of my ranting

– keith whitham [] also put a project my way this weekend which to my surprise i have completed already . all will become clear on keith’s WIRED show at on Friday 21.30hrs


that’s your lot, tune in next week, and have a good one

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