microchip junky

this track emerged after i recently stumbled on some audiobiographies on soundcloud. i wanted to write a track called microchip junky and have it be autobiographical. the remit to write an audiobiography which lasts just 90 seconds appealed to me. i wondered if i could say all i wanted in a minute and a half. so i started out with a loop from the mopho and hey presto i’d written an audiobiography. problem being it was 5 minutes long! so what i’ve uploaded is an abridged version with some alteration to the lyrics. a mix just for soundcloud.

the elongated version will appear online sometime soon.

i wanted to incorporate my love of gadgets both old and new so you’ll find the legendary speak & spell machine on here, the pacman title music, lots of analogue squelches and bleeps, analogue drums and samples from three of my favourite artists (can you work out who they are?) answers on a postcard please…

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