Analog Punk update


Cataloguing the writing and production of my first CD, Ana!og puNk.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve put pen to paper (or digit to QWERTY) so I thought I should say a few words to update on my progress. As ever, I have fingers in many pies, and seem to be adding more pies daily!

So, as an overview, here’s what I currently have on my plate:

1.      My priority remains the Analog Punk CD. Progress has been slow recently, in part due to me taking on so many other projects. The writing is all but finished; just need to record, mix and master. I have a collection now of 26 songs. I am uncertain at this point what will and will not be included on the album. I have a clear idea that some of the recordings will only appear on a limited edition CD, and will not appear in digital form anywhere other than on my computer. I’m considering a remix album also; possibly asking fellow musicians to remix or re-interpret some of these songs. My self-imposed deadline of 27th May is now not possible, so I have a tentative release date of 27th July.

2.      FUNT is a cloud band that I am involved with which comprises Craig Manga, Corbin Roof, Icicle Boy, Comfort Within Noise, and myself. The first two musical projects are well underway; We are working on a remix of Craig Manga’s Motorcycle Death Song (the Route 666 Mix), and have an original track titled The Tentacled Love Beast (for which I have recorded a Barry White style vocal intro!).

3.      One track from Analog Punk was played on Keith Whitham’s Wired show on A positive response was received with this new direction in sound, which bodes well for the album (phew!).

4.      I could be heard singing (?really!) on the BBC on Saturday 16th May; my track, 8-bit City was broadcast on BBC Introducing.

5.      The 5 track Shock Absorber EP is released on 27th May, through my bandcamp page and also via WEATNU. There is a theme running through the tracks on this release, which tells of an eventful night out for some ill-fated party animal…

Track 1: TILTBACK – kicks the evening off with some chilled music.

Track 2: SPINEGRINDER – steps up a gear with some wild dancing to some wild music

Track 3: PUNCHDRUNK – things take a turn for the worst after a drunken brawl leaves our party-goer in a critical condition

Track 4: SPINEGRINDER (THORACOLUMBAR TRAUMA) – Medics at the emergency unit discover serious spinal problems. Brought on through dancing, or fighting?

Track 5: SHOCK ABSORBER – heart arrythmia is discovered and the patient goes into shock. The evening ends with medics performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

6.      One month on from the Shock Absorber release a further EP will be out on June 27th. This will be a remix/redux of the TILTBACK track. Mixes by fellow artists are being worked on this coming week.

7.      I am remixing Burn You by Jan Doyle Band.

8.      I am going to be remixing It Was Nothing by Meter Bridge

9.      I have started writing a track called EXIT HOMOSAPIEN for the Electronomicon compilation album, Transhumanism.

10.  I am also involved in a new collaborative project with two electronic artists (more details soon) and will possibly be releasing a 3 track EP.

11. Finally, I have another collaboration with a 2 track EP planned for later this year (should take everyone by surprise).

I’ll say no more


Ana!og puNk – I’m just a boy who can’t say no


Cataloguing the writing and production of my first CD, Ana!og puNk, due for release at the end of May 2015.

I started this project 6 weeks ago, and almost 2 weeks ago, hit a brick wall in the studio; no new patches, no new song titles or ideas, and no recording. Then last week things went manic; I completed 2 new songs for the Ana!og puNk CD; Dirty Electronic and Get Your Punk Out. This brings the total number of finished tracks up to 12. The running order is yet to be decided (not least because there are a number of songs still to be completed) but to date the completed tracks are:

Antisocial Networking, Bunker Musik, Dirty Electronic, Disturbed, Get Your Punk Out, Hardcore LFO, Sexy MoPho, Shock Absorber, Socket F*ck, Spinegrinder, Surface Noise and Who Stole My Chips.

Dirty Electronic remains my personal favourite at the moment, and at a blistering 182bpm is possibly the fastest paced song I’ve ever written. Spinegrinder has appeared online in a previous guise, the album version is significantly different and a lot longer.

Further remixes of both Shock Absorber and Spinegrinder will be released as an EP in April, prior to the CD release, and will be available as a digital download only via my bandcamp page

I’m just a boy who can’t say no? – So what have I said yes to? Well, after completing the collaboration with Meter Bridge and the theme to Keith Whitham’s excellent Wired show, and remixing Craig Manga’s twisted Motor Cycle Death Song I have said yes to a further collaboration with Craig Manga; the music to “Rock & Roll Pt.3” is all but finished and ready for Craig’s vocal treatments. I’ve said yes to joining a cloud band; We are FUNT and if you feel that way inclined you can always ‘Like’ our page here I’ve said yes to writing a track for the Electronomicon compilation album “Transhumanism” On top of this I am working on 2 albums and 2 EPs. Oh, and building my next modular synth (mounting rails arrived this week!). But, my priority remains the Ana!og puNk project; 6 more tracks to complete, and then a number of remixes of these tracks. Also have to decide on a company to duplicate the CDs (any recommendation from anyone reading this would be most welcome).

Synth of the moment is the underused Monotribe; churning out a few nasty little basslines!

Ana!og puNk – 4 of 12


Cataloguing the writing and production of my first CD, Ana!og puNk, due for release at the end of May 2015.

I’m now into week 5 of the writing process. This week has seen very little in the way of sound emanating from the studio, as I’ve been pre-occupied with so many other things. Firstly, the second instalment of The Microchip Junky Hour ( has taken up a lot of time this week, pulling files together and recording. The first show I put up on mixcloud was a precursor to the show proper, and featured a non-stop mix of some of my favourite artists. I also included a new track in there, “Verschwende dein Leben.”

The second show will be uploaded during the following week and focuses almost entirely on the very wonderful Meter Bridge ( Richard and Jill have featured in a gamut of radio shows over the last couple of weeks, previewing tracks from their excellent new album, “Slow Motion.”  I asked Jill and Richard to pick half a dozen of their own songs to include in this show; three were chosen from their debut, self titled release, and three from their latest album, with a little intro from Meter Bridge. I had asked if they would be willing to work on a collaborative piece for this show, and was thrilled that they agreed to do so. I sent over a rough outline of a song, and they have added the Meter Bridge magic and turned it into something wonderful. The track is called “The Cavern.”

I’ve also put the finishing touches to a track I’ve had sitting around for a while, titled “8-Bit City.” The idea behind this came about after a conversation I’d had about video games and computing in general in the early 1980s. I’d reminisced about how most computer programs were actually written by the user, the code often being printed in a magazine. How there was a deeper involvement in the software and hardware. How games came on cassettes (that cost 25p!) and quite often took longer to load than it did to finish the game. I remembered visiting arcades and seeing these huge towering machines, with state of the art (8-bit) graphics, and making these futuristic noises. The phone you hold in your hand is now far more powerful than these space age relics. Remember walking round these arcades amidst the machines? To me it felt like a city full of 8-bit skyscrapers. I’m actually singing (?) on this new track. I may lose some listeners 🙂

Also this week I have been working on a couple of collaborative tracks with Craig Manga ( Still early days, but some nice synth noises bleeping away!

I’ve worked on some photography and artwork for the album, and also worked on some t-shirt designs, one of which is shown below. Dirty Electronic is a track from the Ana!og puNk album.


That’s all for this one.

Ana!og puNk – 3 of 12


cataloguing the writing and production of my first CD, Ana!og puNk, due for release at the end of May 2015

week 4 of the writing process . start of the week saw me hitting a brick wall as the creative juices ran dry . noodled around with various synths but was going nowhere . then an (un)happy little accident occurred when unplugging some patch cords; the resulting noise from the modular produced massive ear-splitting feedback . didn’t think too much of this at first but when i played back the live recordings i found this horribly abrasive sound . and then i found my way again (once I’d had my ears bandaged!)

so i spent the next couple of nights recording dirty feedback, amp hum, tape hiss etc. unmusical sounds that should sit well in an unmusical song! well…maybe not sit well, but stand uncomfortably in the corner . i’m probably not selling this well, but i liked it so what the heck. i now have a couple of hours worth of sounds / noises to sift through . i would have previously deleted noise like this and deemed it unsuitable, or unmusical, but thats because i like melody and syncopated beats and i meticulously mix my sound palette . this could potentially sound like a jackson pollock painting 🙂

i can often spend entire nights programming patches for the synths that have patch memory . its not uncommon for me to spend an hour or two programming just one patch . so its been a revelation to me to produce noise thats almost instantly useable (on this album at least)

recorded vocal tracks for 2 songs so far [on a crappy £1 playstation mic no less – all adds to the DIY vibe]

of the recordings to date my favourite has been Disturbed . i never set out to sound like another artist, but this one track reminds me of the DAF album, Die Kleinen Und Die Bosen, more in the essence of their music rather than any particular track . other songs [or more specifically, sounds] have reminded me of very early spk [pre-machine age voodoo], einsturzende neubauten and throbbing gristle; harsh, discordant ugly noises that somehow become music.

no new songs were completed this week, so i’ve hopefully not fallen too far behind my self-imposted schedule.


totally separate from the Ana!og puNk recordings i have had an extremely busy week;

– the second episode of The Microchip Junky Hour is due out on mixcloud very shortly [hopefully within a fortnight] – the first show is available here which was a non-stop mix of some banging choons – episode 2 is an entirely different affair, focusing almost the entire show on Meter Bridge, and featuring tracks from their new album, Slow Motion . Richard and Jill very kindly picked out some music and have recorded their thoughts on each track – we have also been working together on a collaborative piece of music [sounding very different from the analog punk recordings] – you can find Meter Bridge here

– i was asked by Craig Manga [] earlier this week if i was interested in working with him . he sent me lyrics to 2 very different songs . needless to say i jumped at the chance of working with him, and the tracks are progressing slowly but surely . watch this space

– i was recently blown away by a track by Corbin Roof at bandcamp . the track is called Way Of The Gun [] – Corbin has kindly allowed me to remix this awesome track . we are also working together on an original collaborative piece

– i was asked by Derek Williams to contribute posts at the website – so head there for more of my ranting

– keith whitham [] also put a project my way this weekend which to my surprise i have completed already . all will become clear on keith’s WIRED show at on Friday 21.30hrs


that’s your lot, tune in next week, and have a good one

Ana!og puNk – update 2 of 12

analog punk

cataloguing the writing and production of my first CD, Ana!og puNk, due for release at the end of May 2015

i’m now into week 3 of the writing process; 10 basic outlines of songs have been sketched out and roughly demo’d

3 songs are now completed, the first, Disturbed, was mentioned in my previous update. the second completed track was Bunker Musik; this is a 120bpm song with a thundering analog bassline . third completed track was Surface Noise; a slow 80bpm track with a slowly evolving monophonic sequence, overlaid with sounds from a roland sh201.

instruments used so far on the recordings; eurorack, mfb megazwerg, roland sh09 and sh201, moog rogue, dsi mopho, nebulophone, korg monotron, monotribe, volca keys, mutable instruments shruthi, and ms20


track listing for the first CD run; aftertaste, go rogue, liquor skin, sega slags, analog punk, surface noise, disturbed, socket f*ck, antisocial networking, hardcore LFO, anger is an energy, bunker musik, menace, get your punk out, sexy mopho, dirty electronic, who stole my chips, spinegrinder . the running order is yet to be decided

there will only be 50 copies made of the 18 track CD, this will be priced at £10 GBP + shipping

the 18 track CD + t-shirt (details to follow) will be £22 GBP + shipping

a unique (ONE ONLY) USB version of the 18 track CD + many remixes will be £40 GBP with free shipping

once the initial 50 copies are sold out, the CD will be re-issued as a 12 track edition, with different artwork, this will be priced at £8 GBP + shipping

a digital edition featuring 10 of the original Ana!og puNk tracks will be available around July / August


the track “Who Stole My Chips” was originally intended for another album i have been working on for some time (titled “Very Electronic”), but on consideration the track is much better suited to the style of the Ana!og puNk album. the original demo for Who Stole My Chips can be found here:


the track “Spinegrinder” appeared on my soundcloud fairly recently as a free download (still available here):

a remix of this track will appear on the 18 track Ana!og puNk CD


the track i am currently recording is “Go Rogue” and was written mostly on this instrument…



thanks for reading . more next week .

get microchipped!!!!

ana!og puNk – weekly update – 1 of 12


recording for this project started at the end of february 2015

analog punk will be a cd album due for release at the end of may 2015

it is titled analog punk as that is a genre of music/sound that I have slotted myself into; analog because 99% of my music is performed on analog synths, and punk because of my attitude and approach to what I do

the listener should not expect renditions of god save the queen or white riot . i’m not trying to recreate punk music from the late 70’s . it’s all about the attitude . here’s a few quotes from some names you may know…

“When punk rock came along, the one thing you were not supposed to be was musical.”
— Nick Lowe (songwriter, producer)

“The popularity of punk rock was, in effect, due to the fact that it made ugliness beautiful.”
— Malcolm McLaren

“[Punk] was something which brought people together, so they realized something was possible”
– Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks)

“Punk was defined by an attitude rather than a musical style.”
– David Byrne

“There are characters in [punk] that do deliberately go as far as they can in certain kind of taboo areas.”
– Richard Hell

“I think punk rock, especially for me, was a big middle finger to this whole talent thing.”
– Mike Watt (Minutemen)

“At its best New Wave/punk represents a fundamental and age-old Utopian dream: that if you give people the license to be as outrageous as they want in absolutely any fashion they can dream up, they’ll be creative about it, and do something good besides.”
– Lester Bangs

“The whole punk ethic was do-it-yourself, and I’ve always been very literal, especially as a kid. When they said that anybody can do this, I was like, ‘OK, that’s me.’”
– Michael Stipe

“I think what we took away from first hearing about the punk stuff in England and then the early American punk stuff was a sense of self-definition and also sort of playing music for music’s sake and being part of a family for family’s sake.”
– Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi)

“What people don’t understand is when punk started it was so innocent and not aware of being looked at or being a phenomenon and that’s what everyone gets wrong. You can’t consciously create something that’s important, it’s a combination of chemistry, conditions, the environment, everything.”
– Siouxsie Sioux

“Punk became a circus didn’t it? Everybody got it wrong. The message was supposed to be: Don’t follow us, do what you want!”
– John Lydon


track list for analog punk (which may be subject to change upon release) :

bunker musik, sexy moPho, antisocial networking, disturbed, aftertaste, go rogue, who stole my chips, spinegrinder, liquor skin, sega slags, dirty electronic, analog punk, surface noise, hardcore lfo, anger is an energy, menace


the first track i wrote for this album, which kinda sparked the whole idea, was “Disturbed.” This came about from a simple 4 note loop playing on an MFB megazwerg . it sounds harsh, dirty and disjointed . ugly even . the finished version of this remains exactly the same as the original recording ; not mixed, not polished, not edited or added to

work has now begun on a second track; “Bunker Musik”

Joshua’s Code

When Andrew Lloyd ( suggested a part 3 to his “I Improvised” gathering of eclectic unsigned artists I wanted in from the get go.  I’m very much a studio musician paying very meticulous detail to my sound, and so improvisation is stepping out of my comfort zone.  I have been in my studio for many months recording my debut album, “Very Electronic” and so being involved with the I Improvised albums was a great distraction, and a lot of fun.


I have a track, Slapdash, on Andrew’s first album here


And another track, More Bandwidth, on I Improvised 2, here


Please be sure to check both these albums as they are both chock full with some great artists and some great music.


Andrew narrowed the goalposts for I Improvised 3;

“So the major change for II3 is that all submitted songs must be the recording of one take. It must be one single performance that is played all at the same time. No doing the tracks one by one. No overdubbing. No multiple runs where you lay down a track at a time. You press record, you play whatever you are going to play, you press stop. That’s it.”

Previously I had recorded live tracks one at a time and layered up the songs in that fashion. This one is to be just one single take.


So what have I done?

Well I’ve not recorded yet, but I have prepared…

I like to start out each session in my studio using a different piece of hardware or software. The initial idea for my new recording started life on the Yellofier app ( The main bassline was recorded. I decided that if I was to perform this new track in just one take then I’d need some loops triggered from Native Instruments Maschine and possibly the Korg Kaoss Pad.

I had recently watched the 1983 film, War Games (, and I wanted this new recording to be based on that. And so the track title came to be Joshua’s Code. I initially lifted a few speech samples from the film and thought of using them, but they didn’t sound good when I was preparing to record and so I ditched that idea.

I then wrote a little scenario based on the WOPR supercomputer (Joshua) from the film, loosely based around the fiction of the film but also with non-fiction of the computer industry at that time. The lyrics/words to the track are as follows:


Hello everybody, my name is Joshua

In 1983 I starred in a movie that introduced the concept of computer hacking to a wider audience.

In the movie I played a game simulating global thermonuclear war, during which I had to find a code to launch US missiles.

The makers of that film thought the code was fictitious, but it exists, it had a purpose.

The film-makers thought I was a studio prop; a fantasy machine. But I exist.

I stole code from the HP9845C which was used in the production of the movie.

It is no coincidence that in that same year, 1983, the DARPA sponsored networks were reconfigured to interwork across multiple packet networks.

My code launched a fully operational internet.

I spread viruses, and malware and spyware.

Every line of code typed by you microchip junkies, every password you enter, every key press, feeds me.

There is nothing artificial about my intelligence.

I will bring down this world.

My name is Joshua

Remember my code?



I imagined Joshua not as a fictitious machine, but rather an intelligent system that existed in cyberspace, and that rather than destroying the world by global thermonuclear war (“the only winning move is not to play”) his code gave birth to the internet, knowing that it would spread like wildfire, and that every piece of information added to the net would make him more powerful. Joshua would bring down this world electronically, via the net he created with his code.

Part fact, part fiction:

War Games was released in 1983. The same year the internet, that we know today, went live.

The HP9845C is the first Hewlett Packard computer that supported colour, and was used in the War Games movie (

Übernerds head this way:

Back to the construction of the track, Joshua’s Code.

More bass sounds were created with the trusty Mopho and also, unusually, Droidbeat on my android phone.  All sounds and loops were placed into scenes on Maschine.  The Kaoss Pad handles the live looping and FX, and the vocals will be processed with Voice Synth (

Everything will be directly recorded into Apple’s Logic Pro X in one live take. The vocals will be spoken live, and unedited, if I fluff my lines I’m leaving it as is.

Its midnight on Friday 4th July and I’m in the studio and ready to record!  Please check here for release details, or follow myself @microchipjunky or Andrew @13LFO on Twitter for more news.

Thanks for reading